January 4, 2022

„Die Musik will gar nicht rutschen ohne Dich“
Fanny Hensel and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in words and music

A program for the 175th anniversary of the two composers' death in 2022

Esther Schweins, recitation
Hanns Zischler, recitation
Hideyo Harada, piano

Sibling love and sibling rivalry, both emotions were well known in the Mendelssohn household. And even if Fanny was mostly overshadowed by her younger brother Felix as a musician during her lifetime, in her passionate exchanges about politics, family and of course music, the two always met at eye level and had a lasting influence on each other's compositional work.

Esther Schweins and Hanns Zischler read from the profound and humorous correspondence of the quick-witted siblings. Hideyo Harada lets Fanny and Felix enter into a musical dialogue with each other with selected piano works. Word and sound create a multi-layered double portrait that provides intimate insights into the life and work of these two fascinating artistic personalities.

Photo: Esther Schweins, Hanns Zischler © Jennifer Fey • Hideyo Harada © Uwe Arens